People Systems & HR Support

IMG_0142AJC’s passion for food and people is coupled with a love for big-picture planning, strong management advocacy, and a belief that great companies are built upon the talents of employees who are motivated by a strong culture and mission.  She strongly believes that we all have to have a seat at the table if we are going to create a collaborative culture that fosters innovation, helps operationalize new ideas, and builds strong organization-wide growth.

Her expertise is leading operations, people operations, facilities and culture in fast-paced and growing companies, especially those with a hospitality industry focus (food & beverage, restaurants, and non-profits and associations serving these industries).  She is passionate about building scalable processes to support company goals while creating an outstanding culture and employee experience – striving to be a champion for both employees and the company.  AJC can help create the structure that can accelerate success while driving efficiency, compliance and fostering a results-oriented, people-centric culture with low turnover.


AJC’s extensive HR background encapsulates knowledge from basic applications (HR generalist, recruitment, and payroll) to leadership development and training.  Team recruitment and development is an area of specialized skill, which is approached with an understanding of the hospitality industry company’s need for growth, the need for the development of an engaged culture, and the opportunity for skill development.  As the hospitality and greater food industry evolves, her understanding of the need for the balanced inclusion of women and minorities in the development of leadership and culinary brigades is essential, and she continually advocates for these opportunities and to help train teams for diversity amongst ideas, staff, and concept.

Beyond the culinary and hospitality industries, she has been consulted for people operations for entrepreneurial start-ups, corporate re-structuring, and diversity/inclusion for related industries, especially non-profit and associations serving the greater food & beverage marketplace.


The hospitality industry is built around a commitment to professional, accommodating service that emphasizes the needs of the consumer in a personalized and unique way.  AJC’ extensive personal service background, and acclaimed work in fine dining restaurants, uniquely positions her to design and implement service audits, team service improvement training, and transformational training for failing or recovering concept overhaul.


AJC’s skill base also supports the design, development, and implementation of membership database systems and programming aimed at capturing connections in the greater food and beverage industries.  Partnership and relationship building to support work impacting the food industry are a focus.