Operations Consulting

It's a review of A Toute Heure, a bistro.

AJC’s role in the design, effective operation, scale, and sale of a small group of her own entrepreneurial ventures, gives her unique insight into the development of scalable processes to support company goals.  She has led operations for large and small facilities and businesses in the food industry, with an eye on safety, growth, and a strong employee experience focused on retention.  AJC can help create the structure that can accelerate success while driving efficiency, compliance and fostering a results-oriented, people-centric culture with low turnover.

Beyond the culinary and hospitality industries, she has been consulted for operational insight related to app development, program design, and service design for related industries, especially non-profits and associations serving the greater food & beverage marketplace.


AJC’s skill base also supports the design, development, and implementation of membership database systems and programming aimed at capturing connections in the greater food and beverage industries.  Partnership and relationship building to support work impacting the food industry are a focus.


Extensive background in the development and execution of events from a catering, event design, and marketing focus.  She has worked with farmer networks, non-profit groups, restaurants/caterers, private individuals, corporate entities, associations, and collaborative industry groups to promote, design, and execute events that achieve benchmarks and goals.