Culinary Consulting

IMG_3599AJC is a two-time James Beard nominated chef with an extensive background in recipe development for private, specialty (CPG), and initial concept businesses.

Her culinary consulting projects have focused on facilitating the design of sustainable resources/supply chains, local-focused sourcing, and the development and transformation of menu items with an emphasis on seasonality, taste, and health.  Culinary ideation, concept alignment, and concept project coordination over the development/expansion/scale of a culinary concept is essential to brand alignment and a focus of her project work.  Working with all venture sizes – from small CPG or quick service concepts, to fine dining and multi-unit concepts – to scale and develop processes for implementation of recipes has also been proven over projects.


AJC has a proven track record in the creation, re-design, cost auditing, and planning/execution/implementation for menu design and development. She utilizes additional skill-sets and a sensitivity towards allergen awareness, special dietary needs, and sourcing focused projects.


Over the past 20 years AJC has worked directly with farmers, artisans, and cultivators to create clean sourcing systems and supply chains for hospitality and restaurant industry concepts.  Cultivating direct stream sourcing, procurement with an emphasis on sustainability, and direct relationships with growers and artisan producers has been part of projects in all regions of the country.  Implementation of these sourcing concepts, includes the design of budgets, training and staff development for implementation and usage, and the alignment of these practices with brand identity.

Sourcing/Supply relationships include experience with:  grains, seafood, meat, dry goods (artisan producers with a regional focus), fruit/vegetables, wine/liquor (international/regional focus), organic/transformational models, and modern urban agriculture (rooftop farming, small scale farming, hydroponics, etc..).


Relationship building is essential to the promotion and development of a hospitality concept or small brand.  AJC’s personal network of small farmers, artisans, brand creators, founders, and chefs has been integral in helping to launch and develop culinary concepts, brands, and ideas, and is continually being built and developed.


Local Roots Granola was a branded granola CPG co-created by AJC in 2010 and sold in Whole Foods, local artisan grocers, farmers markets, and small restaurants in the greater NJ-metro area.  The brand included 4 skus and was scaled to increase distribution across multiple outlets in a 6-month growth period.  The 4 skus included locally sourced fruit, grains, and nuts.  The brand was sold to a larger CPG manufacturer in 2017.