Content, Speaking & Facilitation


As a chef and hospitality industry expert, AJC has spoken on numerous occasions (previous topics include):



  • The changing role of women in the hospitality and culinary industry
  • The role of good management in small ventures, hospitality ventures, and start-ups
  • Sustainability and clean sourcing in the hospitality industry
  • Building relationships – the importance of knowing your source
  • Building a culinary brand – restaurant concept and ideation
  • The importance of team – refocusing the culinary industry on culture and individual development
  • More topics are available upon request.


AJC is available to facilitate team projects and oversee staff and program development during retreats, conferences, and training exercises.


AJC is a writer and content developer for newsletters, industry related media, and her own platforms.    No Small Steps is a lifestyle, travel, and culinary blog with original content & photography.  The blog originated as a newsletter with a weekly post going out to over 5,000 subscribers.  After 2 years in that format, the blog is being built and developed to house sample writings and photography, as well as a connection point for social media.


A full portfolio of original photography (culinary, dish specific, travel, and product) is available upon request.