OPTIMIST is a consultancy focused on providing support, design, and facilitation for human resource (people systems) and operational systems, especially for companies in the food, beverage, hospitality, or related non-profit and association industries.  The name is based on the hope and “optimism” that real change in these industries will make them safe and exciting places to work once again.


FRONT BURNER FOUNDATION is a non-profit founded in 2018 to bring change to the food industry.



Throughout my career I have embraced a variety of roles and worked towards fostering change within them, emerging as a leader in the movement to make food and the food industry better for all of us. This path has been challenging, but has provided me with a depth of knowledge, that I am proud to use as a strategist and consultant to brands, creative entrepreneurs, and companies in the lifestyle, hospitality, and entrepreneurial fields.

As a decorated chef, operations lead, and restauranteur with a background in sustainable practices, I developed effective leadership through the launch, operation, scale and sale of my own successful entrepreneurial ventures – ventures which played a key role in growing the influence and development of “the good food movement” in the greater NYC food space.

I translated this leadership into my work in entrepreneurship and shared-use facilities, amidst the rapid pace of development of the modern acceleration/incubation model, and acted as a changemaker advocating for the companies building and developing in this space, fostering collaboration and growth in this disruptive sector.

I strongly believe that everyone has to have a seat at the table to create a collaborative culture that fosters innovation, helps operationalize new ideas, and builds strong organization-wide growth. And, it is this belief, which keeps me an eternal optimist believing in the power of great ideas and great people to bring effective change into all industries!

All in, I know how to hustle, and I know my way around content, brands, restaurants and people.

I am here to help.  Reach out, let’s work on something new, make a connection, or just talk food – I am good for all three.

I am based out of Chicago currently, but travel frequently.